Restoration & Heritage


Full restoration of the metalwork on a historic cast iron signpost and lamp

A collaboration with Toby Robson of Black and White Conservation

Following a serious collision this historic landmark was badly damaged and no longer in serviceable condition with several complete breaks in the post, the sign boards and the support for the light fixtures.

The decision was made by the Parish Council to restore and move the sign to a new location in a local park.

The restoration involved

  • Brazed repairs to cast iron parts

  • Fabrication of an internal steel support structure

  • Reinforcement of the sign boards with steel frames

  • Stripping and refinishing with modern, environmentally friendly water based paints.

  • Remanufacture of the original cast iron junction box in steel

  • Repair of lighting fixtures ready to accept new LED lights

The priority was to create a safe and durable structure while retaining the appearance and as much material as possible from the original.