Sculpture in Schools

After working on successful projects with several schools I have developed a program with the aims of providing schools with affordable, high quality permanent pieces of art and at the same time promoting art, engineering and technology in the classroom.

A sculpture project can be a great way to generate a strong and long lasting sense of excitement and identity for an educational institution.

Case Study

A detailed report on a large scale project can be found at the following link : GHS_case_study1


Firstly a creative project can generate a great sense of excitement and enthusiasm. I am always keen to offer opportunities for pupils to actively engage with the creative process, through activities such as drawing, painting, model making, writing, discussion and visits. As well as leading classroom workshops and discussions I can provide suggestions and material for related and preparatory activities.

Secondly, the process of researching and documenting the project, can provide a legacy of material to enrich the curriculum in the future. Much of my work is highly relevant to core subjects such as maths, engineering and science as well as the obvious applications to cultural, creative and social development.

Finally there is the tangible benefit of the permanent sculptural installation. This can both enhance the school environment, making it a more pleasant and interesting place to work and study and help to foster a sense of identity and pride in the school.

Commissioning Process

After several very positive experiences in working with schools and other educational bodies I am very enthusiastic about the long term benefits that a creative project can offer.

I am also aware that it can be a somewhat daunting prospect to commission an artwork from scratch. With this in mind I have developed a flexible and straightforward commissioning program tailored to the needs of schools and education authorities.

This process is based around some key objectives :

• A complete service, covering the entire process from initial concept development through creation to final installation with a single point of contact.

• Guaranteeing a high quality, low maintenance, permanent installation at the end of the project which will enhance the environment in which it is placed

• Providing clear and realistic objectives from the outset and maintain good communication throughout the whole process.

• Encouraging direct involvement of staff, pupils and parents in the creative process

• Fixed costs based on a mutually agreed budgets for the entire project. Once a budget and specification are agreed there will be no additional costs unless extra work is added to the brief by mutual agreement.

• Providing concise technical information, as required, to support the project, including assistance with risk assessments, funding applications etc.

• Value for money. I design each project to get the most from the available budget and I have a range of well proven formats available

I am covered by professional public and product liability insurance to the value of £5 million.


The theme of a project is the starting point for a process of exploration, experimentation and development which will ultimately be reflected in the permanent installation.

The choice of theme can be inspired by any number of sources. It can often be fruitful to use a connection with the history, landscape or other characteristic features of the site and local area. The content of the work can also be tied into broader academic projects running throughout the school and the technical aspects of the design and making process can often be very useful in supporting the science, maths and technology curriculum whatever the specific theme.

I also have my own areas of interest where I can lend particular expertise to the project

•Industrial History
•Engineering, science and technology
•Wildlife and natural history
•Solar clocks and calendars

Materials and format

My specialism is metalwork, particularly steel and this provides a versatile and durable platform to include other materials and media which may be appropriate to a particular theme or location.

The choice of format for the work is based on careful consideration of the site, including it's size, layout and surrounding geography. Potential options include, free-standing sculptures, wall mounted panels, inset floor tiles and hanging work.

Workshops and Technical Support

I can also offer workshops and technical advice in a range of areas including :

• All aspects of metalwork
• Welding and fabrication
• Mould making and casting
• Drawing
• Model making in a variety of materials

As well as workshops working directly with pupils I can provide technical advice and training to members of academic and technical staff to help them to get the best out of existing 3D arts facilities as well as giving practical advice on acquiring and developing new facilities, materials and equipment.