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Commissioning Work

I am happy to consider commissions of any size and I will give free, no-obligation estimates. As well as purely sculptural 'fine art' pieces I am also always interested in projects with a more functional aspect such as furniture, architectural and garden features. If you have a specific vision in mind for a project I can work with you to find a practical way to realise it. In most cases I can work to a guaranteed budget, based a mutually agreed specification.

Commissioning a sculpture gives you the opportunity to own a unique piece of art with as much or as little input as you like. By it's nature this is an experimental and exploratory process and I am happy for clients to have as much or as little input as they wish. Often the best work comes from a flexible approach which allows the work to develop organically.

Studio Visits

If you would like to visit my studio to view examples of my work, learn more about the making process or discuss a possible commission then you are welcome to contact me at or by phone at 07966 948 858. Depending on availability out of hours and weekend visits can also be arranged.

Artist CV

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Workshops & Tuition

I can provide private individual or group tuition and assistance with the design and realisation of your own projects. These range from starter course in general metalworking to tuition in specific processes and equipment. As a guide small group courses start at around £120 per person for a day, including basic materials. I can tailor day courses to suit your specific interests and level of experience and usually aim to work them out so that you end up with a finished piece of work at the end. Individual day courses start from around £200 with discounts for multiple days.

These course are ideal for recent arts graduates or enthusiasts who want to expand their technical skills or for amateur makers who need access to specific facilities for a special project. They would also suit people who would like to try out certain processes before they make their mind up about buying particular pieces of equipment.

I can also offer multi day courses and group booking at a discount. All solo participants must be at least 18 years old, Younger participants must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or legal guardian. Group bookings for under 18s are available for schools and colleges.

All course are bespoke so please contact me at to discuss your requirements.

Facilities available include :

• Welding (TIG, MIG and MMA available)
• Plasma cutting
• Machining
• Forging and heat treating of steel
• Clay and wax sculpting
• Resin, plaster and cold metal casting
• Pewter casting


2016 prices are based on a standard day rate of £260 per day or £160 per half day.

Significant discounts are available for pre-booked work, subject to payment of a deposit.

I will normally negotiate a guaranteed fixed price for commissions and project work based on an agreed specification and written brief.

Further discounts are available to organisations and projects with a primarily educational focus for clients such as schools and community led projects.

Package deals are available for pre-booked courses and tuition for individuals and groups.


I am based at a studio in Kineton, near junctions 12 and 13 of the M40. My typical range for off-site work covers Coventry, Birmingham, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Northampton. Leicester, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, Telford, Ludlow, Cheltenham and most of London, although I can travel further afield for larger projects.


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Terms and Conditions

The following is a summary, please contact me for full terms and conditions at or use the contact form on this site.

- All work is subject to intellectual property, copyright and moral rights under UK law. Copyright material may not be used or exploited without written permission from the artist. Copyright of sold, hired or lent work remains the property of the artist.
- Work is offered for sale as visual art and no warranty or suitability for any other purpose is offered or implied unless agreed in writing
- All work and materials remain the property of Chris Johns Sculpture until paid for in full
- Cancellation fees and non-refundable deposits may apply to orders for bespoke or custom-made work
- Delivery and completion dates are for guidance only unless otherwise agreed in writing
- The artist reserves the right to make reasonable artistic interpretation of a brief within the scope of any technical specification
- Work or images or work may not be displayed, edited, curated or modified in any way which might damage the reputation of the artist.
- Any stated of implied warranty is subject to reasonable maintenance and duty of care by the user.
- The customer is responsible for ensuring that the work is used and displayed in a safe and reasonable fashion.

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